FGE's partnership with Tech Up for Women

When you donate to the FGE/TechUp Give Back program, you will be helping at-risk women and girls gain critical new skills to set them on the path to careers in technology.  Donations will support specific initiatives, led by committed, outstanding professionals,  that are making a difference now.  We will begin with donations to the  programs below and will continue to evaluate others, including those with an emphasis on youth.  Donations will also support training, purchase of computers and related costs, such as interview prep and dress. 

Why donate? Why now?  Our vision is that as the FGE/TechUp programs grows, its impact and exposure will increase. This means more women and girls will gain marketable skills, confidence and a way forward to successful jobs and independence.  Besides the program's impact on individuals, leveraging increased awareness and enlisting major entities, like corporations and foundations, can bring donations of significant funds, technology, in-kind goods, and services   Furthermore, this can also  bring participants on board for internships, mentoring and employment

The dynamic TechUp for Women organization is integrating the FGE/TechUp Give Back initiative fully across its innovative platform built on program excellence and powerful outreach to women and girls. The Give Back program will galvanize tech resources and put them within the reach of women and girls, desperate for skills and independence.  

For more information, to get involved, and to sponsor, contact FGE co-founder Jill Fitzburgh @ info@foundationforgenderequality.org .

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Programs supported by the FGE Techup Give Back Initiative

Sanctuary for Families' Economic Empowerment Program

Sanctuary for Families is New York's leading service provider and advocate for thousands of survivors each year of domestic violence, sex trafficking and related forms of gender violence. Sanctuary's Economic Empowerment Program (EEP) is New York City’s only intensive, career training program offered in-house at a domestic violence agency, and addresses the barriers to living-wage employment by the city’s poorest abuse victims—the majority of whom are single parents, the long-term unemployed, recipients of public assistance (PA), and part of the shelter system. EEP provides training for jobs in high-growth, “demand driven” sectors of the metropolitan NYC economy and increases opportunities for its participants through work-based learning opportunities, including internships. Participants receive over 200 hours of intensive training leading to nationally recognized Microsoft Office Specialist certifications in Word Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. EEP then supports participants in completing industry-specific certification courses in high-growth occupational specialties, including IT placements. To learn more about this successful program, click here

Annie Cannons

AnnieCannons is a mission-driven software development agency that trains, employs, and ultimately transforms survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence into software engineers. After the AnnieCannons core concepts bootcamp, survivors enter an earn-to-learn program, much like a teaching hospital, where they can continue to build skills and incomes over time. The FGE TechUp Give Back initiative will support the training of these survivors so that they learn valuable job skills and become economically independent. For more on the specifics of the program and what your donation will fund, click here