The Foundation for Gender Equality - Mission, Vision, Values, Goals 

Mission Statement – Who we are  

The Foundation for Gender Equality will create new pathways to resolve global women’s issues by initiating ground-breaking dialogues with partners who are committed to creating opportunities and removing obstacles for women and girls; developing support across all sectors for programs that advance the cause of global equality.  

Vision Statement – Our Hope

The Foundation for Gender Equality will become a new model for philanthropy as an agent of change, helping to create opportunities for women through practical, scalable and sustainable solutions.  

Goals – What we do 

The Foundation will focus on the major global issues that impact women’s development worldwide:  

  • Violence and abuse against women and girls
  • Economic disparity and lack of empowerment of women
  • Reliable access to quality healthcare
  • Educational opportunities
  • Inclusion of men and boys in achieving gender equality

The Foundation for Gender Equality will:

  • Create an urgent call to action for gender equality
  • Demonstrate the need to invest in the enormous impact of women and girls
  • Provide sustained support for women’s empowerment by raising and dispersing funds to programs that are aligned with the Foundation priorities
  • Bring diverse parties together at selected events that are designed to advance and support gender equality

Values – What we believe 

  • Individuals of all genders everywhere should live free from violence and discrimination in all facets of society
  • Women and girls should have opportunities for productive lives free from oppression, stigma and artificial barriers
  • Empowering women and achieving gender equality will create massive societal change
  • Men and boys are partners in achieving empowerment and equality
  • The next generation of individuals of all genders will have equal opportunities for a promising future