Man Up

The Foundation for Gender Equality Salutes Champions

Anchors Lori Stokes, of Fox 5’s Good Day New York, and Richard Lui, news anchor MSNBC, NBC News, host “Man-Up: Straight Talk and Inspiration from Allies and Advocates” Nov. 30., the Paley Center

NYC Sports Greats Pat La Fontaine and Don McPherson present fresh perspectives

Actor and writer Peter Hermann advocates for public awareness, education

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NEW YORK, NY., NOVEMBER 30, 2017 — What is the role of the American male in helping to achieve gender equality?

“Man-Up: Straight Talk and Inspiration from Allies and Advocates”, a compelling and provocative program sponsored by the Foundation for Gender Equality will celebrate heroes among us who are standing up against some of leading issues that impact women’s development, including human trafficking and sexual assault against women in the military. It Is focused on defining men’s roles in achieving gender equality and will feature trailblazers from many walks of life. Man-Up will be held at the prestigious Paley Center, NYC, on November 30, at 5:30 PM.

“This dynamic event will include leaders with entertainment, sports, military, government and finance backgrounds who have committed their time and resources to resolving issues and promoting gender equality,” said Richard Fitzburgh, Founder and Chairman. “These heroes and agents of change are re-defining what it means to Man-Up”.

Fitzburgh noted that the Foundation from its first days recognized the importance of enlisting both men and women in its mission to create new pathways to resolve global women’s issues. Man Up will feature exceptional individuals who took on tremendous challenges, including men who are making outstanding contributions to advance gender equality.

Lori Stokes, co-host of Fox 5’s Good Day New York, and Richard Lui, news anchor, MSNBC, NBC News, will introduce and moderate the program, which includes a gripping account from Colonel Don Christensen, Retired USAF, who left a distinguished career as a military prosecutor in order to support victims of abuse and sexual assault as a civilian. Colonel Christensen now serves as president of Protect Our Defenders,, a national organization that honors, supports and give voice to survivors of military sexual assault and harassment.

Joining Colonel Christensen will be former naval aviator, Lieutenant Paula Coughlin, who found herself at the center of one of the most shocking scandals of the nineties, the infamous Tailhook Aviators Convention. Lieutenant Coughlin helped expose the Tailhook scandal at great personal cost and became a catalyst for sweeping policy changes towards women in the military.

Sports greats Pat LaFontaine and Don McPherson will provide perspectives from their careers and community service work. Another grass roots perspective will come from Charles Grady, founder of Hang Time and Her Time, providing safe spaces for those who have been incarcerated or members of gangs and their families.

Actor and writer Peter Hermann, who currently plays Charles Brooks on the TV Land Series Younger will talk about the power of large-scale public awareness and education campaigns to change attitudes about sexual and domestic violence. A founding board member of the Joyful Heart Foundation, Peter has been heavily involved in Joyful Hearts education outreach, including the #IWILLSPEAKUP campaign, which calls on men to “speak up” about the violence and abuse perpetrated by other men.

A special panel consisting of Ambassador Luis C. De Baca, former US Ambassador at Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons and Krishna R. Patel, General Counsel and Director of Justice Initiative, Grace Farms Foundation, will address working to disrupt violence against women in the global workplace.

Also, Larry Hagenbuch, COO and CFO of J. Hilburn, will discuss corporations’ roles in achieving “clean” supply chains. Additional corporate perspective, specifically the value of investing in companies that support gender equality, will be provided by Joe Keefe, President and CEO of Pax World Management and Pax Ellevate Management, who will be joined by Emily Bove, Executive Director, Women Thrive Alliance.

The Foundation for Gender Equality is a designated 501(c)3 organization and celebrated its first-year milestone recently. FGE brings all of the enthusiasm and optimism associated with a start-up to its efforts to empower women and girls. FGE is committed to supporting great initiatives that are making a difference for women and girls and by extension, families and communities.