1. What is the Foundation for Gender Equality?

The Foundation for Gender Equality is A 501(C)3 organization which began in 2016 with a simple idea: help women and girls achieve equality. We quickly realized that gender equality will not be attained by focusing only on that segment of the population – the Foundation needs to hear and include other voices, including those in the LGBT community who today are denied many of their basic rights. For the Foundation, gender equality, with all of its complexity, cultural and global dimensions, is the transformative issue of our time. Solve this and the world will be a better place for all of us - men, women, children, young and old alike. That is why FGE invites and welcomes all who would like to join us to Stand Together under the banner of gender equality and empowerment. Our goal is that the Foundation will become a new model for philanthropy - creating fresh approaches, fostering new dialogue and building new pathways to solutions. FGE is working to become a significant force and resource for gender equality and empowerment.

2. What are the Foundation's priorities?

Through creative programming, FGE is injecting energy, innovation and new voices into the critical issues that are Impacting gender equality and empowerment globally. The Foundation believes that women and girls and others who are denied gender equality should live free from oppression, stigma and artificial constraints. The Foundation is focused on five key areas, numbers one and two are both initial and long-term priorities:

  1. Ending gender-based violence and abuse, including domestic violence and sexual abuse

  2. Inclusion and focus on men and boys as partners in achieving empowerment and equality

  3. Economic inequality and lack of empowerment

  4. Reliable access to quality healthcare and its impact on women, families and societies

  5. Equal access to educational opportunities as a cornerstone of advancement

3. How does the Foundation operate?

The Foundation curates timely, relevant and compelling programs on an on-going basis that showcase the challenges and opportunities in the critical area of gender equality. Proceeds from each event are donated to selected organizations that are doing outstanding work in advancing empowerment and equality.

Program topics and beneficiaries are identified with input from FGE’s highly accomplished Board of Directors and other contacts. FGE programs address crucial issues in fresh, creative ways. The Foundation has presented three outstanding programs thus far:

4. How does FGE select organizations to showcase and support?

Through very active outreach, we have established a broad network of contacts in this critical area. The FGE screening process includes research, on-location meetings with key personnel and in-person presentations to the Board of Directors. Organizations that are approved for donations provide innovative, practical and scalable programs -- which will inspire or be an example for others. We utilize Charity Navigator ratings; however, some of our designated charities are private, too small or too new to be ranked. In all cases, our Board reviews and approves proposed contributions.

5. How does the Foundation raise funds to support these groups?

Thus far, the Foundation has raised funds through its three signature events that brought together well-known figures, including sports and entertainment celebrities, experts, advocates, survivors and grass-roots organizations to showcase challenges and solutions for achieving gender equality. Through donations to its programs, the Foundation in turn contributed to outstanding charities that are aligned with each program's focus.

Without the Foundation, it is not likely that these outstanding organizations would be identified or have the opportunity to participate in such high-profile events. But, via the Foundation’s programs, these worthy non- profits are given the opportunity to reach a very select group of potential donors, in addition to receiving a contribution from the Foundation. The Foundation performs a service both by curating the programs and identifying these superb groups for support.

6. What are the Foundation's expenses?

At this time, the Foundation is an entirely volunteer organization. Expenses are limited to costs for events, including travel, honoraria, venue rental, AV, printing, design and web charges and miscellaneous event support. After expenses are paid and donations disbursed, The Foundation utilizes a portion of its donations to pay expenses and also to grow its programming. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to find worthy charities and develop programs that will attract significant audiences and other support.

7. Are there any upcoming events?

Yes! The Foundation is delighted to announce that two superb programs – both fundraisers for FGE and designated charities -- are scheduled:

  • “Man-Up Revisited: Victories, Challenges and Champions” – will feature change makers who are innovating and energizing the dialogue around gender equality. Reprising our “Man-Up: Advice and Inspiration from Allies and Advocates” program, it will feature a fascinating panel of men who are redefining what is means to “man-up” through their work and advocacy.

  • This very special evening will take place at the stunning French Consulate, NYC, on November 7, 2018 from 6:30 – 9:30 PM and will begin with a cocktail reception, featuring the fine wines and foods of France. Following the panel, the evening will conclude with champagne and dessert.

  • Tickets are $195 per person and sponsorships are available. Ticket and sponsorship information will be posted shortly on the Foundation’s web site.

  • As usual, proceeds will be donated to selected charities and that process is underway but not yet finalized. Our second event is an incredible first for the Foundation and we are very excited to share details:

    • “Sing Me As I Am”, an inaugural concert to benefit the Foundation, will be a gala event combining the art of song and storytelling to create an evocative program for gender equality and empowerment. It will be a musical journey through the ages, featuring opera, Broadway, pop and new artists who will lend their voices to this incredible evening.

    • Fueled by the commitment of Maestro Steven Mercurio and his wife, FGE Board Member, Lisa, the concert will feature the amazing voices of tenor David Miller (Il Divo) and his wife, opera star Sarah Joy Miller and many other talents across genres.

    • “Sing Me As I Am” will be presented on January 31, 2019, 6:30 – 9:30 PM at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at NYU.

    • Program details, ticket and sponsorship information will be soon be available at foundationforgenderequality.org

8. What charities will these events showcase and support?

Per its usual practices, the Foundation will designate proceeds from both events to charities that share a deep commitment to advancing gender equality and empowerment and especially those organizations that are making life better for those who are struggling now. More charities may be selected but currently the Sanctuary for Families and the Ali Forney Center will receive donations.